Thursday, December 31, 2020

Bellas Artes at The University of Costa Rica

On September 2014, I met up with an old friend Leo Nathaniel Mays. 
Our meet-up was on the beautiful campus of the University of Costa Rica.
The resourceful North Carolinian, from Chapel Hill was teaching
 a month long Ceramics and Porcelain course for Grad students of 
La Esquela de Bellas Artes and Artes Plásticas in San Jose, Costa Rica.

Walking through this amazing 'jewel' 
of a University, in an Eden-like setting was surreal.

Picture yourself in a Tropical setting, 
modern style buildings in sculptural yards.  
Everyone smiles as you walk past the flowers that grow so incredibly high.
 That is The University of Costa Rica.

Leo was in his element in the classroom and working
"one on one" with the students, they were curious, intrigued and attentive.

Grad student Hazda Rodrigez and Iri Salas exceptional 
artist-potters in the class.

The class was composed of a diverse group of Grad students 
all vastly qualified familiar with ceramics and use of the wheel.

 Raquel Rodriguez, another burgeoning Grad student at UCR.

Esteban Guevara 

Grad students, Andy Retana and Raquel Rodriguez.

Andy Retana

I first met Leo in 2007 at a Jam session in the mountains of Ezcazu. 
 The silver tongued "ex-Pat"has a gift for the gab and is fluent 
in Spanish and he knew his way around the Mandolin and Guitar. 

Raquel Rodriguez

Ceramic flower by Raquel Rodriguez.

 Esteban Guevara

Throwing a pot on the wheel isn't as easy as it looks but 
Lil' Raque does it effortlessly.

Lil' Raque and Yours truly.

Noilyn Vega Zamora

Andy Retana and Marielos Salazar Cabezas.

Today December 31, 2020 Leo is back in Chapel Hill, North Carolina.
Mays Pottery a family business by Leo and Martha Mays
He is coordinating a Ceramics and Porcelain classes with the University 
of Costa Rica and plans return trips to San Jose.

Art outside the box.


Yorbie Acita Meow Meow

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