Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Michael Anthony Pegues @ DEJAVU

African Pop Artist, Michael Antony Pegues 
unveiled his latest contemporary works for friends, collectors 
and the general public at the Dejavu Gallery, August 26, 2016.

DEJAVU Collections, 223 E. 60th street, NYC.

The work is bold, imaginative with an innate sense of color
and definitive line structure.  

Michael Anthony Pugues is an African American visual
artist living in New York City. Born and raised in Brooklyn,
his Mother's family is from Liberia, Father's from Portugal.
Attended Brooklyn's Alternative HS and "University of the Streets."

Michael Anthony working
at The New Museum during "Draftsman's Congress"
an immersive and participatory installation, curated by 
Pawel Althamer, that took over the museum's fourth floor in 2014.

Kendall and Nika

Art Collector, John P. Dunford and Golf Pro, Ray Heinz.