Saturday, June 27, 2015

ARTENOL a New Cultural Quarterly Magazine

ARTENOL is the brainchild of artist, Alex Melamid.
The magazine's name alludes to the pain remedy, Tylenol.
It promises to apply the sweet balm of reason and linguistic
clarity to relieve such alarming symptoms as galloping absurdity,
inflationary fever and intellectual congestion.

Created with support from contributors and collaborators
such as Ian Frazier, Art Spiegelman, Francine Prose and others.
ARTENOL Launch Party hosted by Alex Melamid, David Dann 
and Gary Krimershmoys, June 23, 2015 6-9 PM

Artist-provocateur, Alexander Melamid, describes his new
quarterly magazine ARTENOL as "a purgative for an ailing art
world, a palliative for afflicted aesthetes."

Gary Krimershmoys, VOHN Gallery

Curator, April Hunt in good company.

David Dann and Larry Qualls

Gary Krimershmoys and Michael Melamid

Stephane Des Lauries

Francine Prose and Paul Solomon, PBS News Hour.

Thursday, June 11, 2015


Because Every Book Deserves a Great Cover,
'Recovering the Classics' is a crowd sourced collection of original
covers for great works in the public domain. So anyone can contribute
their choice in celebration of Book Con and the New York Library's
forthcoming e-reader application. 

Now Recovering the Classics, 
New York Public Library and Digital Public Library of America 
are partnering for an initiative announced by The White House
to bring these amazing covers to libraries and schools nationwide.


Bill Gottchaulk and David Barish at NYPL's, Solomon Room
at the 42nd street branch, Launch Event in support 
of Recovering the Classics.

Corsair Editor, Ron Mwangagahunga and Elizabeth.

Whirlwind and Fashjon Diva, Bobbi Citron.

An impromptu performance, "take me down little Suzie,
take me down, I know you think your the Queen of the