Tuesday, November 13, 2012

DEEP SPACE @ Joseph Nahmad Contemporary

Joseph Nahmad Contemporary, launches DEEP SPACE.
450 West 14th Street New York City
November 9 - December 10, 2012
Roberto Matta (1911 - 2003)
"DEEP SPACE" is a survey of venacular street art.
It heroically explores the remarkable similarities
between the world reknown work of Chilean-born artist Matta,
and that of three New York City artists,
RAMMELLZEE, Futura and Phase 2.
RAMMELLZEE, Dayglow series 2011( Dimensions unavailable)

Enter Deep Space for rare opportunity to view the visual output of
RAMMELLZEE in the context of the work of Matta, Futura and Phase 2.

Futura, Untitled, 2012, spray paint and acrylic on canvass.

Phase 2

Joseph Nahmad presents artists' work in unexpected
contexts and venues.

"To see their work for the first time on display beside a
venerated modern master, we are compelled to consider
the many striking similarities in pictorial space and aesthetic sensibility"
Excerpt from an essay by curator, Nemo Librizzi.

Center view of Matta's,
L'homme descend du signe, 1975, oil on canvass,
13'6" x 27'4"

RAMMELLZEE Dayglow Series.


Phase 2 

Symbol sculpture, 2012, acrylic and inks on canvass, 92 x 63 inches.

Music by Other Dimensions.

Roy Campbell Jr. Trumpets
917 572 8689

Bass, William Parker 

Sax and Trumpets, Daniel Carter.

Drums, Charlie Downs.

Filipa, Assistant Manager at Joseph Nahmad Contemporary.

Creative Director of The UNTITLED Magazine, Indira Cesarine and friend Sally.


Phase 2


"This latest breed of distinctly urban art flourished in plain sight
of the pedestrian public, and yet it is a sophisticated system of symbols
whose inner meanings are still veiled in as much mystery as the ancient
written language of kings, hieroglyphics. Juxtaposed against Matta's
arcane imagery acts as a Rosetta Stone in this regard"
Nemo Librizzi

A collaboration in progress by Futura, Phase 2 and RAMMELLZEE.

Jessica Rivas and I enjoying the reception.

Editor of The Corsair, Ron Mwangaguhunga.


Art collector William Gottschalk, in front of Phase 2.

Phase 2 and friend.


The Editor