Saturday, November 23, 2013

PURVIS YOUNG The Daniel Aubry Collection

Daniel Aubry Collection
 proudly presents "Angels: Chained and Unchained"
The works of Purvis Young, a major painting collection.
At the Merton D. Simpson Gallery
November 13th through January 2, 2014

Purvis Young, 1943-2010, was described by Mark Koetze,
Director of the Rubell Family Collection as "one of the greatest
African American artists of our time."

Merton D. Simpson Gallery, 38 West 28th street, 5th floor, NYC.
By appointment, Alaina Simone, Gallery Director, 212-686-6735

Purvis Young's work is in over sixty museums and 
private collections.

Angels: Chained and Unchained, 1999 Oil on plywood 117"x 183/4"

Daniel Aubry (L)

Jeremy J. Nobel, M.D. and friend.

A selection of African art work from the Gallery's collection
will also be on display.

Architectural Designer, Clodagh and Yours truly.

Contemporary artist, Peter O'Kennedy, Valerie and Daniel Aubry.

Daniel Aubry and friend.

Wednesday, October 30, 2013


ACA Galleries presents Chronicles from the Village:
Songs for the New Millennium
 Mixed Media on Paper by Aminah Brenda Lynn Robinson
October 26th - January 4, 2014

ACA Gallery 529 West 20th street New York, NY 10011

Woodcuts by Aminah Robinson

Robinson beautifully, weaves her historical perspective on paper and canvas.
Imaginative, craftsmanship that is joy to behold and leaves you thinking.

Aminah Robinson and Editor, Debbra Brown

In "People of the Book", Robinson employs neck ties.

Artist-illustrator of "Tar Beach" Faith Ringgold.

Aminah Brenda Lynn Robinson

Wednesday, October 2, 2013


Leila Heller presents Calligraffiti 1984 - 2013 
Currently on view through October 5, 2013

eL Seed, 1981

Originally curated by Jeffery Deitch in 1984.
Calligraffiti explores a myriad of possible connections shared
between the disparate styles of select mid-century abstract,
U.S. graffiti, and calligraffic artists from the Middle East 
and it's diaspora.


Neon Art, Leila Pazooki, 1977, Iran

Painting by Hossein Zenderoudi, Utitled, 1981, Oil on Canvas.

Hans Hartung

Farideh Lashai, 1944, Iran

Kenny Scharf, SEX BOMB, 2008

Keith Haring, Untitled, 1980-81

Zig Ben Haim, 1945, Iraq

Farnaz and Karherina

Pat Steir, 1940, Newark, NJ.

Parvis Tanavoli, 1977, Iran

Farhad Moshiri, 1963, Iran

Yasmina Alaqui,1977