Friday, March 27, 2015

Luxury Education Foundation 10 Year Anniversary @ NEW SCHOOL

The LEF celebrating 10 Year of Collaboration
Monday, March 23, 2015 at the New School University Center.
The celebration was a Luxe event of major proportion.

The New School University Center, 63  Fifth Avenue, NYC.

Fabio Leocini COO Luxury Goods, Loro Piana

Jessica Carr, Assistant Professor of Design, 
Parsons New School for Design

Barbara Cirkva, Division President, Fine Watches and Jewelry

Sanona LEF Alumni and Chenlyn Knaupp, LEF Alumni

Conlyn Chan, ESQ. Founder Lawless and Brana Dane,
Fashion Model

Hors d'oeuvre's and Piper Heidsieck just kept on flowing.

Carol Brook and myself

Sunday, March 22, 2015

(un) scene ART SHOW

"Faster than a speeding Armory show, 
more powerful than the VOLTA,
able to leap the PULSE Contemporary Art Fair,
look up in the sky, it's a bird, it's a plane,
it's the (un ) scene Art Show!"

(un) scene Art Show 549 West 52nd street, NYC
was the brainchild of a Mikel Glass and a group of dedicated artists seeking
new ways to empower an audience to enjoy art without the baggage 
of preconceived notions of value, opinion and prestige.

Balloon sculpture by Jackson Hackenworth, this other worldly
piece was created from about 7,000 orange, pink and white balloons. 

(un) scene Art Show was just a block away from the Armory.
It was a smaller, more artist-friendly affair that transpired between
March 4 and 8, 2015 during the Armory, VOLTA and PULSE
contemporary Art Fair.

Hackenworth's idea is to remind visitors to expect 
the unexpected.

Photographs by Indira Cesarine

Indira Cesarine

Indira Cesarine

Kara Daving, "Sir Captain Drake"

Jason Brammer

Chun Shi's, "One" 2014 oil on canvass 

Jackie Mock's "The Entire Life of This Pen."

Will Kurt's large scale newspaper horse.

Foreground installation by, Megan Suttles/Eric Tollefsen's
"Pefraction"(2015), Mixed media, Silver leaf and Monofillament.

Jerry Meyer's
 "My Grandfather's Sexual-Electricity Generator."

Thomas Deininger

Hands down the best art show of 2015.