Monday, April 30, 2012

Holton Rower @ The Hole Gallery

 No matter how you look at it...
Holton Rower's paintings have an aire of mystery and are visually stunning.
The work has a geological and volcanic, magma-like quality.
Rower's pour painting's abstracts Nature and looks like colorful Malachite. 
The work is on view at The Hole Gallery, 312 Bowery, NYC.
April 28th - May 26th, 2012

"Rower makes these paintings by pouring fantastic quantities of doctored 
    paint onto plywood: however the simplicity of this description belies
                              the shocking unexpected result".

                           May Anderson and friends browsing the work.

Thursday, April 26, 2012

MBA's In Food & Wine at Alma Graduate School

Alma Graduate School at the University of Bologna,
offers a world renown MBA program.
MBA's in Food, Wine, Design, Fashion and Luxury Goods,
as only Italy can offer. Discover MBA's that take your career to the top!

Last night GD Cucine Showroom, 227 West 17th street, New York City.
Showcased an inlightening event with Professors, Businessmen, Designers,
Diplomats and International Corporate affiliates. The purpose, to bring
awareness to the MBA degree programs offered by Alma Graduate School, University of Bologna, in Italy. The learned pannel spoke highly of the many
disciplines available to American students looking to further their carrer.

Teodora Sevastakieva, a Director at Ferragamo and Massimo Bergami PhD.
Dean of Alma Graduate School.

               The Panel related an intriguing message to the audience,
                                       how Italy does is better.


           Designer, Danillo Gabrielli with his dress creations was on hand.

Model Ashley Vasicek

Carol Brook was in attendance in the House.

Chef Salvatore Denaro served up some gastronomical delights.

Colangelo PR team, Denise Finnegan & Sara Gorelick headed up the grand event.

Chef Salvatore Denaro with David Barish

Monday, April 23, 2012

Affordable Art Fair 2012

Affordable Art Fair hit a home run over the weekend.
It represented good and decent art at an affordable price.
It strummed a chord with New Yorkers and Tri-state residents.

Despite a sluggish economy, shoppers came out to buy.

 There was a variety of art works for all budgets and taste.
75 + Galleries exhibiting contemporary art, priced under $10,000
with most under $1000,

Even the kids had a great time, with lots to see & do.

Australian artists were also in attendance in th Big Apple event.

New Jersey artist painter Aveli.

 Aveli's art work.

Judith Peck Paintings

Giuseppe Mastromatteo photograph. 

Artsrong had unique quilted portfolio cases of various sizes.

Pantom Studios 48 W 25th street, NYC.

Phantom Studios, Art Afterparty, TC & Ron M.

John D. & Victor G. in the House.

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Rooftop Party at Gawker Comand Post celebrates 'tech gossip' Ryan Tate's new book.
 Yesterday evening , a Spring time soiree was thrown at the swank rooftop, a top the offices of 210 Elizabeth street. 
 The 20 % Doctrine (How tinkering,
goofing off and breaking the rules at work, drive success in Business)

Gawkers, friends & guests mingled and had a great time.

Ryan Tate and friends.

Photographer Victor G. Jeffreys III

John Dunford & Kaori.

 David Barish & actress Stacy Kessler stopped by to say, hello..

NICK MEAD Paintings at HOLE Gallery 310 Bowery

Good art work comes to the Bowery!

Nick Meads paintings were refreshing, well executed and playfully humerous.

Nick Mead in front of his painting at Hole Gallery.

Julian Schnabel and May Andersen were at Nick Mead's opening.

Monday, April 16, 2012

Ken Hiratsuka at National Arts Club 4/16/12

Ken Hiratsuka's ROCK & PAPER

Original drawings and selected stone sculptures
will debut today at the National Arts Club, 6-8pm, April 16th, 2012.
An important member of the Rivington School scene,
Ken Hiratsuka hailed from Japan, lived and worked in the East Village
for more than thirty years, before moving to Andes, New York.
A stone sculptor whose work is the realization of his philosophical concept,
"One line, it is one line that conects us all together".

Hiratsuka at work in his barn studio at Squid Farm in Andes, New York.

One line sphere.

A 1984 Hiratsuka carving on the North West corner of Broadway & Prince.
Photo courtesy of Hiratsuka.

Organic linear carvings which morph into geometric shapes.
Hiratsuka is known for his hieroglyphic, maze-like carvings in cities
and natural environments around the world.

The tools and medium of the artist.

Ken Hiratsuka with hammer & chisel.

Peek a boo Ken.