Thursday, July 30, 2015


 Axor the Innovative 
Bathroom Faucet Design by Hansgrohe 
and Metropolis Magazine's Summer Soiree 
at Axor showroom, 29 Ninth Avenue.
Meatpacking, NYC July 29, 2015

Susan Szenasy, Chief Editor of Metropolis Magazine,
Michael Reiman, Projects Consultant Hansgrohe North America.
Amanda Mobley, Design Assistant, Hansgrohe NA and the
Axor - Hansgrohe Team, were on hand for this swank event.

A diverse and fascinating array of Design faucets, fixtures,
sinks and tubs to luxuriate your bathroom.

Organic Design meets Technology.

Metropolis is the quintessential Architectural-Design Magazine.

Tuna Ceviche Tacos were absolutely scrumptious.

Michael Reiman

Amanda Mobley, Axor and Myself.

Saturday, July 25, 2015


Radiant Human Aura Photography 
photographed Auras at the Red Bull Studios.
RBS is a creative, happening venue for art, music and installation
experimentation, in New York City on July 23, 2015

Red Bull Studios, 220 West 18th street, NYC.

A special geodesic design tent is used for taking the photos.

It was a long wait but I finally was photographed,
thanks to Katie of Portland Oregon, Radiant Human.

Katie of Radiant Human

After these Polaroid-like photos are taken 
they must dry for thirty minutes.

Architect-Designer, Parse

The Fog Room was way wool for taking foggy pics.

This sequence was harder to accomplish in real-life 
than it looks here.

Blue Berry flavored Cotton Candy was on hand.

Red Bull Gift Shop

Jennifer and Ana Nascimiento in the House.

Wednesday, July 22, 2015


Summer Salon July 10 - August 31, 2015
Featuring works by, Albine Msika, Anders Knutsson,
Bokov, Cedric Van Eenoo, Debra Drexler, Eric Ginsberg,
Eric Sanchez, Erin Ko, Ford Crull, Jaime Martinez, Jason Mclean,
Jean Loup Msika, Jeff Godfrey, Jerelyn Hanrahan, Johan Wahlstrom,
Julius Klein, Kelly Anne Hanrahan, Kevin Wendall, Laura Mylott Manning,
Leonardo Barreto, Marco Cutrone, Micheal Anderson, Michelle S. Aragon,
Mirjana Circi, Monty, Nancy Grimes, Naoaki Funayama, Noah Becker,
Olya Turcihin, Peggy Cyphers, Phil Demise Smith, Polly Cook, Raken Leaves,
Rodolfo Edwards, Rodrigo Valles, Tony Silber Delerive, Toyo, Vincent Dambrano.

Artists, Julius Klein and Raken Leaves
standing in front of her art piece, BECKY.