Wednesday, May 27, 2015


Rex Chouk, artist- founder of "But Why Productions."
Debuted his latest, culturally relevant and engaging works,
at The Hole Gallery Tuesday, May 26, 2015 for a one night view.
The show featured brilliantly colored, mixed media works by this 
young and talented, emerging Saudi Artist.

The Hole Gallery, 312 Bowery, NYC.

Chouk's work raises questions and inspires conversation.
He challenges the viewer to question the status quo in a familiar 
Pop art, cartoon, urban, irreverent neo-graffiti style. 
Instagram: @butwhyproductions

The Light-box series

Throughout the exhibition's  duration, 
I overheard comments from attendees, 
"its reminiscent of Jean-Michel Basquiat,
 or it looks like a Keith Haring." 

I say yes, indeed and even Pablo Picasso.

Chouk uses paintings, stretched canvases, 
video installation , light-boxes, produced by Duggal Visual Solutions.

Tuesday, May 19, 2015


Nanimarquina, designing and crafting contemporary
 rugs in the traditional method, by hand. Founded in
Barcelona in 1987 with one clear idea to design rugs.
 Nanimarquina rugs have been internationally acclaimed and
 presented in museums such as MOMA and Center Pompidou.

The company helps boost the local economy of their  
manufacturing communities in India, Morocco, Pakistan,
and Spain. It participates in their progress by offering
decent salaried work opportunities to their workers.

Nanimarqina, 588 Broadway, Suite # 607, NYC.

Lucia de la Rosa and friends Nanimaquina showroom.

Saturday, May 16, 2015


DOM Interiors ICFF Reception Friday, May 15, 2015
The showroom is home to a number of Luxury Design 
companies, Valcucine, Remadesio, Lema and Agape.

DOM Interiors, 66 Crosby street, NYC.

Remadesio Room dividers, shelves and Stripes.

Agape brings new design to classic concepts in the bath.

Valcucine Kitchen designs

Mr. and Mrs. Jevremov of DOM Interiors.

Myself with Lori Cheek, CEO of Cheekd Ltd.

Victor G and friend

Michael Chang and friend

Editor, Ron Mwangaguhunga, Lori Cheek and Carmela.

The wonderful Wait Staff trio.