Thursday, April 30, 2015


David Lewis Gallery presents, 
The Story of O(OO) April 28-June 28, 2015
A Group Show and installation by Artists:
Lucy Dodd, Gillian Jagger, Dawn Casper,
Hans-Christian Lotz, Israel Lund, Jared Madere,
Charles Mayton, Greg Parma Smith and Viola Yesiltac.

David Lewis Gallery 88 Orchard street, NYC.

Bernd Naber and friends discussing the works.

Thursday, April 16, 2015


Studio Vendome 
in colaboration with Beez and Honey
Presents Arshak Sarkissian: Recent Paintings.
Sarkissian's canvases refract the sacred and profane of society. 
Contemporary man giddy, in flux, hungry for self-discovery and meaningful transformation, as viewed through the prism of his imagination.
April 13 through May 2, 2015

Artist, Arshak Sarkassian, Nicollette Ramirez, Beez and Honey .

Studio Vendome, 330 Spring street, NYC

Sarkissian distills the fierce energies of a modern metropolis
into tightly woven pastiches. Where street-life and behind the curtain
abandon of bacchanalian beauties collide and converge.

Studio Vendome is an extremely comfortable environment
to view art it offers designer benches and sofas.

Friday, April 10, 2015


The Hoerle-Guggenheim Gallery 
presents Nelson Saiers "The Second Part of 1" 
Saiers merges mathematics with his personal philosophies,
 incorporating logical frameworks from which he sums up
the mysteries of life, with physics and humor.

"Beauty Imagined"  2015 Wax Pastel on Paper
66x58 in

Hoerle-Guggenheim Gallery, 527 West 23rd street, NYC.

"The Die is Cast 2, 3 or 7" 2015
Wax Crayon on Paper 57 x 96 in

"Genocide is Evil" 2014 Acrylic and ink on Paper
36 x 36 in

"The Original Art Basil#1" 2015 48.5 x 48.5 in

Saiers addressing attendees at his opening reception...
"The piece sumarizes Classical Greek culture and military might.
Starting with Homer, the blind father of ancient Greek thought,
the piece abstractly represents Homer's two classics: The Iliad
and The Odyssey. It moves on to the rise of Alexander,
highlighting a number of items from Greek thought, history 
and mythology: the Gordian Knot, the Greek view of color, 
the myth of King Midas and other."

"Bernhard, the Gordian Knot and the Fall of Troy"
2015 Acrylic on Canvass with string and Teacup
48 x 48 in

Philippe Hoerle Guggenheim

"Alice's Decision to Follow a Talking Rabbit Down a Hole"
2015 Charcoal on Paper 51 x 51

Anne Verhallen, Hoerle-Guggenheim Gallery

"Pin-up"  2015 Acrylic on panel 48x72 in

Jasmine and friends

Christian and Jasmine

"Science"  2015 Charcoal on Paper 26x59 in

Julia Ignatenko and myself

"Did You Do This?" 2015
Charcoal on Paper 26 x 40 in